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What's new, how to get around, and how to win prizes too!
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Getting around

Post by caleb@instantgalaxy » Sun Oct 28, 2018 4:45 pm

Tips to help you get the most out of this site:

1) User Control Panel (UCP)

If you are logged in, you can access it from any page by clicking on your user name in the top right corner.

Profile - view and edit your personal information.

Join Groups - join or leave giveaways and other groups.

2) Exploring the Library

Group Pages - information about any specific groups you joined in step 1.

Library Departments - browse the ideas and products available.

3) A few highlights
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Click here to learn about Valley Folk, now available to purchase or to win!

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Click here to visit Holly's Project Space! Learn about Holly's projects and how they are created with a minimal amount of money but maximum charm!

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Click here to read

A call to action for all humans, and precursor to Legends of the Valley Folk.