What's NEW? Why do I have to Register again?

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What's NEW? Why do I have to Register again?

Post by caleb@instantgalaxy » Sat Nov 03, 2018 5:46 pm

Welcome back! Even if you were already registered before, the Library has changed a LOT since your last visit! You will need to complete a new registration. Read below for why.

NEW STRUCTURE. Behind the scenes, we've been busy rebuilding the Library to support feature upgrades like private messaging. The existing architecture had to be replaced.

NEW FEATURES. As a result, we're able to offer improvements like the Marketplace area while also hosting giveaway groups with unlimited entries for every member! Consider free games for your family, product testing new games, or placing our product in your business.

NEW DATA COLLECTION RULES. Our new system allows us to collect user information for prize distribution while conforming to specific rules about data collection. User information is not monetized, but is instead invested back into the community in the form of prize payouts whenever possible. With new User Control Panel settings and the ability to Join Groups, we give users control over how their information is used.

NEW GROUP-BASED DISCUSSIONS. From featured giveaway items to local news, each group now has their own area for members to keep up with the latest developments!

GROUP PRIVILEGES. Introducing the Marketplace Contributors group, a managed group of members with special permission to add topics of their own in the Marketplace! Local artisans with goods to sell can earn a free space here to help them spread the word!


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