Valley Folk - What is it?

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Valley Folk - What is it?

Post by caleb@instantgalaxy » Sun Oct 28, 2018 5:11 pm


You can now go to this page to buy the Valley Folk board game! Two versions available!

Questions about the game (rules, ordering, etc.) should be posted as a reply below. We'll expand here and there, adding a Q&A section as the topic grows.

About the game

At an undisclosed time in history, pioneers mine resources and control various projects which produce goods for the central Market. By selling those goods, they collect gold and race toward becoming the Valley's first banker.

Players move freely around the map, an eerily familiar landscape we call 'the Valley', with help from trucks, boats, trains, and other vehicles.

Area_Map.jpg (291.03 KiB) Viewed 19887 times

Player's must match resources to produce goods, and building 'monopolies' of project types is great leverage. However, geography must be considered. Folks in the Valley know that it takes mobilizing resources to make money, and there can only be so many trucks on the road. Resources are also limited. They're presented in a custom deck, and it helps to know which cards are more common and which cards are out of play.

Resource_Cards.png (455.94 KiB) Viewed 19887 times

Meanwhile, as players gain wealth, their counters advance along the Gold Path toward the bank vault. Certain milestones unlock special moves along the way.

Gold_Path.png (576.6 KiB) Viewed 19887 times

Advanced play brings our somewhat historic adventure into modem times, adding transparency, interest, and consolidation. In the end, profiteering itself becomes endangered as more and more project deeds are surrendered to Corporate HQ.

Within Valley Folk first edition you'll find all of this and more, brilliantly arranged using classic board game mechanics to simulate the economy. The game is quick to get started, no setting up messy piles of fake money. Your family could even crown their ultimate champion within only 1-2 hours of play!

Valley Folk is our first commercial release available to purchase, and is also the featured item in our Board Game Giveaways group.
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