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SampleUser's Product page

Post by SampleUser » Tue Oct 30, 2018 6:38 pm

If you're a new member in the Marketplace Contributors group, you will be assigned a placeholder post similar to this one.

SampleUser, you may now edit this post to your liking, by selecting the pen/pencil "edit" option above. We recommend you first save a copy of your post using any text editor, so that you're not working against the logout timer while you compose a masterpiece.

Then use the BBC formatting tools if you like, to add more flare or functionality. You have up to 6,000 characters to work with. Be simple or extravagant, creative or utilitarian. Be how you like, just be sure to include a method of contact for users who would like to make a purchase from you!

You will find that you are also able to add attachment images which will appear below the written content of your post. Use the tool at the bottom of this page to add up to 5 images, and then (scroll back up If necessary) select Submit.

Attachments must be no larger than 1MB each. If you use a phone to manage your images, you should find that it's built-in screenshot capture and edit functions can help you turn high-res images into acceptable file size with ease.

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