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Instant Galaxy engages in many giveaways, for which users are eligible simply by membership with the related giveaway group(s).

While we may employ the use of random number generators, we do not claim to have a random decision making process. Also, while we may share the outcome of a prize decision and some of the steps taken to reach that decision, we do not claim to have a transparent decision making process. The methods used to determine winners will vary depending on each giveaway objective, and may or may not be shared with contest participants.

Your membership in an opt-in group at Instant Galaxy Library means that you expressly consent to the use of all information you have provided by Instant Galaxy for the purpose of deciding upon winners and locating winners to deliver their prizes. If you no longer wish to receive prizes from a group, you must immediately resign yourself from that group, using the tools available in your User Control Panel.

Your User Control Panel also contains important privacy settings. You are responsible for reviewing all available choices in your User Control Panel and ensuring that they accurately reflect your own preferences about how your information is used and shared.

In short, Instant Galaxy will decide when, where, and how winners are chosen, using the information you have provided, and we may also include you when we brag about our giveaways. Make sure your profile and preferences are set correctly in User Control Panel.
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