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Forum rules

These rules apply to all users and visitors to Instant Galaxy's ALL ACCESS forums, including Guests, Members, and Moderators.

These rules may change without notice to users, and the most recent version (stored here) shall be in full effect at all times. It is the responsibility of the user to be familiar with the most current version of the rules.

Only humans are allowed to post, and only then using the conventional methods presented by the website.

Before posting any content (including but not limited to: questions, comments, suggestions, stories, or links of any kind) the user must consider the following criteria:

Users only post their own original content which they have the legal right to share in a public forum.

Each post is respectful and "family friendly," and contributes to the community without seeking to promote certain religious or political agendas (unless posted in an area specifically created for such discussion by the administration). Age restricted content is prohibited.

We love to hear from members who are interested in business or employment opportunities with Instant Galaxy; however; users should not use the message boards for commercial purposes or solicitation.

Registration information must be accurate and true, and kept up to date by the user. Use of this information by Instant Galaxy is limited to website and forum administration functions. This information may be shared with agencies in charge of maintaining the software, the servers, or the security of our site. This information is never shared for marketing purposes or with any other third party unless required by law.

Instant Galaxy reserves the right to modify, restrict, delete, or ban, any specific users or content that we find to be objectionable, or even to remove or modify the positioning of posts that we've deemed legitimate, with or without notice at our sole discretion, and for any reason. However, we are not required to monitor or take action in respect to user posted content.

The site, it's content, and the many functions offered through All Access, are provided for use as-is and without warranty of any kind. Users will hold harmless Instant Galaxy and it's administration, in the event that any use of the site or enforcement of the rules or any other action or inaction by Instant Galaxy or it's administration should cause any damage whatsoever, to the user or to any device for which the user is responsible.

If any part of these rules should be determined not applicable, the remainder of the rules shall remain in full force. When other legal direction is needed, it shall be at the user's own expense and with respect to the laws of and courts in Roseburg, Douglas County, Oregon, USA.

If you're still reading along, thank you for putting up with the so-called "legal" stuff, and welcome to the Library of Instant Galaxy!

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